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5,000.00 LBS
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Don’t stop your truck for your scale!  The Prime System In-motion Axel Scale is a fast, accurate and economical way to monitor commodities that are coming into or leaving your facilities.
Drive over the scale while moving a constant 2-3 mph. The scale will automatically weigh each axel weights and print a receipt with individual axle weights and the total. If you store the trucks ID and tare weight, or use 2 pass weighing, the controller will calculate the Gross, Tare and Net values.

Capacity: 50,000 lbs (20 tons) per axle
Display Resolution: 20 lbs (10kg)
Operating Speeds: Structurally Certified for “in road use” at 40 mph up to 50,000 lbs (22.7 tons)
Recommended speed 2-3 mph (5 km/h)
Speed error above 7 mph
Overload: 150% (for 10 tons load cells)
Precast Scale Module: Dimensions: 12’ x 8’5” x 11.5” (3.65 m x 2.56 m x 0.29 m)
Weight: 14,200 lbs (7.1 tons)
Scale Weighbridge:
Dimensions: 11’ x 2.5’ x 5” (3.4 m x 0.76 m x 0.125 m)
Weight: 2,100 lbs (1.05 tons)
12′ and 12′ drop-wall is available.
Load Cell Assembly: Outboard, In-tension cradle assembly, self-contained
Load Cells: 4 x 33,000 lbs (15 tons) Rocker compression/tension load cells.
Stainless steel, Hermitically sealed, IP69 Ingress protection,M12 Watertight connectors

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