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  • PS-915-BW NTEP Legal for trade Bench Scale with Wheels and Backrail

    PS-915-BW NTEP Legal for …

    $570.00 - $934.00
    Presenting the outstanding features of our Indicator: PS-7510 NTEP Indicator: Equipped with a clear and bright LED or LCD display, ensuring easy readability. 1" Tall Backlit Display: The display is 1" tall and backlit, providing enhanced visibility...
    $570.00 - $934.00
  • LP7611-IN202 PS-IN202

    NTEP Legal For Trade Benc…

    $600.00 - $960.00
    The NT Bench Scale is an ideal scale for food service and chemical industries. The scale is NTEP approved. It features a complete 304 stainless steel platter. The scale comes with NTEP approved PS-IN202 indicator. CC# of the scale base:...
    $600.00 - $960.00
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  • PS-B130 PS-B130 130LBS×0.005lb Bench Scale/Postal-Shipping Scale with 16″ x 12″ Stainless Steel Platform

    PS-B130 130LBS×0.005lb Be…

    Prime Scales

    Normally you would need several different scales in your shipping department, at least two. A large bench scale can handle big boxes, but it can't even pick up the weight of the envelope. A small postal scale can give you the precise reading in the tenth...

Bench Scales

In industrial sectors, it is essential to keep accuracy and precision on point. For that purpose investing in a top-quality scale is a mandatory option. A high-quality scale not only lasts longer but also provides reliable and accurate results. 

Prime Scales is the premier destination for superior-quality scales, especially for industrial areas. Our industrial scales comprise a wide range of products. However, bench scales are one such product that is in high demand. 

Our bench scales are crafted with advanced technologies that can meet the diverse needs of multiple industries. From food and beverage to logistics industries, these scales are a suitable addition to maintain accuracy and precision.

These scales are a versatile option and offer a range of benefits. With their compact design and easy-to-use operation, anyone can effortlessly utilise them without any professional assistance. 

Industrial Applications of Bench Scales

These scales are a great way to weigh heavy and spacious items in the industrial sector. Let’s explore a few applications of these scales in various industrial areas. 

In Food and Beverages

Our scales serve useful applications in the food and beverages industry. They ensure precise measurements so that chefs can easily maintain precision in food recipes and portions. 

In addition, you can regulate safety by using our scales that offer optimum tracking of ingredients before utilising them. Also, efficient weighing technology enables you to optimise your production and package lines.

In Manufacturing and Logistics

Our scales play a great role in the manufacturing and logistics industry. They offer real-time weighing experiences so that manufacturing companies can accurately control stockings. 

Moreover, our scales are highly efficient in verifying product weight. By using this tool, you can aid in quality control and product inspection. Also, this scale is a great option for weighing items before shipping and receiving. 

In Laboratory and Research

In the laboratory and research industry, bench scales provide precise measurements for samples and chemicals. They are integrated with seamless data recording systems that are exceptionally useful in the field of analytical testing and experimentation. 

Why Choose Prime Scales

When it comes to weight measuring scales, Prime Scales stands out as one of the most preferred providers. With years of experience in scale construction, we prioritise accuracy and reliability through our scrupulously designed scales. 

In addition, our dedicated team is specialised in providing outstanding customer service. They are always available to answer their queries related to any technical or non-technical issues.

Prime Scales is committed to providing high-quality scales that can last years without getting damaged. In addition, our scales are also equipped with advanced features such as data connectivity, software compatibility, and other customisation options. 


Don’t waste further time, and elevate your weight-measuring capabilities with Prime Scale’s premium-quality bench scales. Whether you are looking for a suitable scale for the food and beverages industry or manufacturing industries, our versatile scales are a great option to consider. 

So, without wasting any time, experience accuracy and efficiency through our leading scales.