About Prime Scales

You realize a need in your business; you look for a solution. In most cases, you end up compromising with a product that can solve only part of your problems because you cannot find the perfectly pre-designed product to fit your unique need. That’s why we are here – offering customized weighing solutions at a reasonable price.

Why Prime? Let me explain starting with our slogans.

Before 2013 we only had one slogan: Weigh Better. We were focusing on how to make scales more accurate and more reliable. Partnered with the world’s leading load cell manufacturer, we took the advantage of the world-class-quality load cells as well as unique chasing platform design to make our scales perform better than our competition.

In a board meeting of early 2014, we brought out a question: we have achieved pushing our quality to a high level. What can we do to go even further? We found what we were doing was to get accurate reading of our scales. Can we do something AFTER the customers get the weight readings? According to our marketing reports going back more than 10 years, we found that the need to process the weight data is as important as getting the data itself. So we added “Go Beyond” into our slogan and began to work on what happens after the weighing. It can be categorized into two parts: what the customers want to do with the numbers and how to send the data to process. Customers have various needs of the data processing. Some of them just want to save the data into a file. Some of them need to use the data in a formula to calculate. Some of them need to use the data to control different machines… Can we achieve all these using the micro controller in the indicators? Yes we can, but it is not the best way. We need to increase the memory of the micro controller in large amount and write the firmware from scratch. This will increase the cost of the device by A LOT.

The best way is to make a good use of resources customers already have: such as computers, smart phones and tablets. “Most of our clients have smart phones, and they want the simplest way to operate their device”, our marketing manager noted. With this idea in mind, we increased our team developing software and applications on computers, smart phones, and tablets in 2014 and made work easier for so many clients. Simultaneously, we are working on the hardware to send the data from the indicators either wired or wirelessly. Our transmission solutions include RS232, USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. We also have RF wireless solutions between the scale bases and the indicators. Thanks to the low cost of powerful computers, smartphones, and tablets, the entire customized systems cost just a fraction of sophisticated micro processor systems. Our goal is let our high technology time-saving solutions affordable to ANY business.

In 2019, Prime Scales was acquired by Prime Systems, a leading technology company in China. Along with the join venture of Prime Systems and other two leading scale manufactures in China, Zenith Scales, Prime Scales is under the management of Zenith Scales, a California company.  This restructure is a great move.  It gave Prime Scales brand more resources of high and new technologies. The new team has lots of experience in microprocessors and micro-controllers development.  Prime Scales is doing a lot better in the data transfer area and controlling area (such as the watermelon sorting system).

Weigh Better, Go Beyond.

Our Mission

We’ve made a huge effort to increase the productivity for our clients by offering quality but affordable equipment which can process and record the important business information for future decision making.

Our Vision

We will see some day manufacturing will be localized thanks to world-wide information share and advanced technology in automation. American will not rely on products made overseas – and we will help making it happen.