Vet/Animal Scales

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    PS-700AS 700x0.1lb 38"x20…

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      PS-AS700 is a sturdy vet scale weighing small to medium sized animals with animal weighing and peak hold functions.  It can also be used as athlete scale and aviation scale. Features: Size: 38" x 20" x 2" Mild steel frame 304 stainless...
    $269.99 - $329.99
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    PS-2KAS+202 PS-2KAS Vet Scale / Animal Scale / Small Livestock Scale

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    PS-2KAS is a heavy duty vet scale weighing medium sized animals with animal weighing and peak hold functions.  It comes with two ramps on both sides for easy weighing.  It can also be used as aviation scale. Features: Capacity: 2000×0...
    Now: $399.99
    Was: $1,000.00

Vet/Animal Scales

Prime Scales: Quality Vet/Animal Scales and More

At Prime Scales, we are more than just a provider of scales; we are an integral part of numerous industries that require precision and reliability. Our commitment to quality and innovation has led us to become a leading name for all types of weighing solutions. 

Among our diverse product range, our Vet/Animal scales stand out for their exceptional quality and utility. Designed to cater to the unique needs of veterinary practices, animal shelters, farms, and zoos, these scales offer accurate weighing solutions for animals of all sizes. 

From cuddly kittens to substantial livestock, our scales ensure that you get precise weight readings every time.

Vet/Animal Scales – The Perfect Choice for Industrial Animal Weighing

Our Animal scales are designed keeping in mind the unique challenges that come with weighing animals. Whether you’re a vet looking to monitor an animal's health or a farmer keeping track of livestock growth, our scales offer accurate results, reliability, and ease of use.

One such scale is the crane scale which is an indispensable tool for any livestock owner or veterinarian. These scales allow for easy and accurate weighing of large animals, helping you keep track of their health and growth. 

At Prime Scales, we offer high-quality crane scales built to deliver precise results consistently. Here are various kinds of crane scales available on our website specially designed to cater to animals:

Hanging Crane Scales

Our hanging crane scale is an excellent choice for farmers, veterinarians, and animal care professionals. These heavy-duty hanging scales are designed to be robust and reliable, ensuring you get precise measurements even in challenging conditions. Our hanging scales allow you to easily manage your herd and ensure its optimum growth and health.

Heavy-Duty Scales

In the world of animal care and livestock management, the importance of reliable, heavy scales cannot be overstated. These heavy duty hanging scales are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use, providing accurate readings regardless of the animal's size. From small pets to large cattle, our heavy scales are up to the task.

Digital Crane Scales

Our digital scales combine precision and durability, making them an ideal choice for various industrial applications. Whether you're weighing cattle, horses, or other large animals, this crane digital scale offers the accuracy you need. They are built to last, ensuring you can rely on them for years.

Why Choose Prime Scales for All Your Weighing Needs

When it comes to weighing scales, choosing the right provider is critical. You need a company that combines experience, quality, and service to deliver exceptional results. That's where Prime Scales shines. Here are the top reasons why you should choose us for all your scale needs.

Unrivaled Industry Experience: With years of experience in scale construction, we have become one of the most preferred providers.

Comprehensive Product Range: We offer a diverse product range, encompassing everything from industrial scales to medical scales.

Focus on Accuracy and Precision: Accuracy is paramount when it comes to scales, and this is an area where Prime Scales excels.

User-Friendly Designs: We understand ease of use is just as important as accuracy, so we provide user-friendly designs.

High-Quality Manufacturing: Our products are meticulously designed and constructed to ensure they meet the highest standards.


In conclusion, we understand the crucial role that accurate weighing plays in animal care and livestock management. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of scales, including Vet/Animal scales, heavy-duty hanging scales, and digital crane scales. 

Choose Prime Scales for all your weighing needs, and experience the difference that quality makes!