Wash Down Scales

  • LP7611-IN202 PS-IN202

    NTEP Legal For Trade Benc…

    $600.00 - $960.00
    The NT Bench Scale is an ideal scale for food service and chemical industries. The scale is NTEP approved. It features a complete 304 stainless steel platter. The scale comes with NTEP approved PS-IN202 indicator. CC# of the scale base:...
    $600.00 - $960.00
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  • PS30PZS

    PS-30PZS 30lb/0.1oz Pizza…

    Prime Scales

    The PS-30PZS pizza scale is a must-have for most pizza professionals. It can help you to control the weight of crust and toppings perfectly. It comes with a foot tare pedal so you can tare off the scale before placing each topping - without touching a...
  • PS-FSS Bench / Portion Control Scale PS-FSS Bench / Portion Control Scale

    PS-FSS Bench / Portion Co…


    $299.99 - $399.99
    PS-FSS is an ideal scale for foodservice applications.  It can also be used in laboratories and schools.  The scale is completely structured with 304 stainless steel rated IP65. It comes with multiple units: lb, lb+oz, kg and g.  It also...
    $299.99 - $399.99

Wash Down Scales

Premium Wash Down Scales for Diverse Industries

At Prime Scales, we understand that precision and durability are non-negotiable when it comes to industrial and commercial weighing needs. Our high-quality wash down scales are designed to deliver reliable performance even in the harshest environments. 

Whether it's for daily use in wet conditions or rigorous clean-up processes, Prime Scales is the leading provider you can trust.

What is a Wash Down Scale

A wash down scale is an essential tool engineered to fight environments where thorough cleaning and sanitization are required. These scales are built with waterproof materials that can endure direct high-pressure water sprays, harsh cleaning agents, and extreme temperatures.

The Importance of a Reliable Scale

In industries where cleanliness is important, having a dependable scale is crucial. It ensures that your products are weighed accurately and adhere to the strict hygiene regulations imposed by health authorities. 

This combination of precision and resilience makes wash-down scales an indispensable part of the operation, especially in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries.

Our Product Range

We offer a variety of wash-down scales to cater to a range of weighing needs:

  • Bench Scale: Our robust bench scales are perfect for tabletop weighing in both wet and dry areas. With a waterproof housing and a stainless steel construction, these scales maintain accuracy while providing easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Pizza Scale with Foot Pedal: Designed for the fast-paced food industry, our pizza scales are a boon for pizzerias. Equipped with a foot pedal, staff can operate the scale hands-free, ensuring efficiency without compromising on hygiene or precision.
  • Portion Control Scale: Perfect for the hospitality and food service industries, our portion control scales help maintain consistent serving sizes while adhering to stringent hygiene standards. Easy to clean and operate, these scales streamline your kitchen's workflow efficiently.
  • Stainless Steel Floor Scale: For heavier loads, our stainless steel floor scales deliver exceptional durability and accuracy. Ideal for frequent washdowns, these scales can handle the rigors of daily use in locations such as food processing plants and industrial environments.


Our scales are utilized across a spectrum of industries:

  • Food Processing: Ensuring compliance with health regulations by providing easy-to-clean surfaces to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Meeting strict cleanliness standards necessary for producing and packaging medical products.
  • Chemical Manufacturing: Providing scales that resist corrosion from harsh substances while offering precise measurements for formulations.
  • Agriculture: Weighing produce and other materials in an outdoor or processing plant setting where equipment cleanliness is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Can I customize a wash-down scale to fit my industry needs?

Yes, we can tailor these scales to meet your unique requirements.

2: How quickly can I get a scale delivered?

Delivery times vary, but we aim for fast and efficient shipping.

3: Do you offer training or support for using these scales?

We provide comprehensive support and guidance for all our products.

Experience Unmatched Quality with Prime Scales

Meeting the diverse and demanding needs of our customers is our top priority. At Prime Scales, you'll find the perfect weighing solution that ticks all the boxes of precision, hygiene, and durability. Explore our high-quality wash down scales and elevate your operational standards today.