Build Products For the Customers' Productivity

Build Products For the Customers' Productivity

How many times are you willing to push a button to start your car engine, to turn on your toaster, to micro-wave a bag of popcorn, or dial a number to call your best friend?  As few as possible – no one enjoys pressing buttons or reading the manuals.  People want their lives easy – just like you and me do.  If they have to spend money and time to use your products, they will get from your competitors, who can offer less time-consuming products – even at higher prices.

Look at the successful businesses around you: how many items are on In & Out’s menu?  How many buttons are on an IPad?  How many clicks do you need to make a purchase on Amazon?  They are leaving us less options so we don’t have to spend time weighing options.

This law applies to the industrial products as well.  All that matters in a business is productivity.  If we can save customers time, we can save their labor, then lower their expenses.  We can achieve this in three different ways:

  1. Integrate products.

Product integration can save the operation time for customers.  For example: Prime Scales wrapping machine with built-in scale can wrap the pallets and weigh them at the same time.  It can eliminate the loading operation to one for each pallet – compared to two loads in the traditional way.

  1. Remove (or lock up) unnecessary functions.

Unused functions will usually slow down the operation because when the operator is trying to reach their desired functions, they will usually have to go through all the other functions in the middle.  Most of Prime Scales indicators can lock up functions even weighing units to make the operation easy and fast.

  1. Use high technology devices for the complicated calculations.

A traditional counting scales usually comes with a full keypad or a simplified keypad.  The full keypad consists of 20-30 buttons.  And the simplified keys have to be shared for different functions.  So the scale is either bulky or confusing, or it is difficult to use.  Prime Scales’ Smart Scale series are using computer, tablet or even cell phone applications to do the complicated calculations.  All the buttons are dynamic.  When you go to the sub-menu, the keys will be changed to the sub-menu automatically. What’s more, the computer technology are by far more powerful than the MCU built-in the weight indicators.  By giving the work to advanced peripherals we can save lots of time and money thanks to the large scale production of the computer products.

Along the way we are conducting business, we always endeavor ourselves in making simpler but more powerful products.  We are doing this just for one goal: increase the productivity for our customers.

1st Jun 2017

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