How Do Smart Scales Save Time & Money?

How Do Smart Scales Save Time & Money?

Weighing equipment has been servicing companies for more than 100 years. The weight data scales collect is processed by MCU (micro controlling units) into useful information to save time in the work flow. For example: a ntep counting scale can count items by calculating the net weight and the sample weight. Prime Scales is pushing scale functions to a new level. The data can be processed more efficiently and the useful information can be connected with your smart devices such as cell phones, tablets and computers. We call them “Smart Scales”.

Compared to the All-In-One MCU devices, Smart Scales are more versatile and affordable because we are using the most advanced technology (up-to-date computer technology) to process the weight data. Thanks to the mass production of computers, tablets, smart phones etc., these processors are very inexpensive to acquire – and most of the time – you already have them. Here are some case studies showing how our Smart Scale systems saved time and money for our clients:

Case Study #1 – Super Count / Smart Count Scale


As mentioned above, a traditional counting scale needs to be sampled every time after changing to a different item to count. Super Count Scale can download the sample information along with the product ID, container weight (if any) through the network. The user will just scan the RFID tag on the product container, the system will pull out this product information and calculate the count instantly.

Case Study #2 – In-line Scale built-into Conveyor System

Packing Solutions

Your productivity is our business. You can turn up the speed of your conveyer system for efficiency. And we make sure our scales will keep up. Accuracy can never be compromised for speed. We have a way to achieve both.

Case Study #3 – Real-time Inventory Monitoring System


Every business, more or less, has inventory control problems. Physical inventory count on a regular base is the most popular solution. Using this real-time inventory monitoring system / Rack scale, customers can see the inventory and inventory change right away and the system will save a log on the server. So the physical inventory count becomes unnecessary. And business management can pull out the log at any time.

Case Study #4 – Full-channel Remote Control Floor Scales

Remote Control Scale

Floor scales can let you fully control the shipping weights / shipping charges. And during the operation, pressing buttons on the indicator is inevitable (such as turning on, zero, tare, print, count etc.) When a forklift driver places a pallet on a scale, he will have to come down and walk to the indicator to press the buttons. Or he will have to ask his colleague to press the buttons for him. With our remote system, he can press the buttons right at his finger tip.

Case Study #5 – Palm Viewer Application


We originally designed this system for truck scales and axle truck scales. Customers can view and add (subtract) weight data according to their needs on their smart phones or tablets. This application can be widely used in a lot of different business applications.

All the above projects are patent pending.

Call 909-673-0869 now see how can we save time and money for your business!

If you have an idea happen to fall in our field, please also give us a call. We can partner with you for this idea or manufacture it for you (ODM). Your business secret will be completely protected by NDA agreement if the idea is not patented.

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1st Jun 2017

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