Industrial Scales

  • SaftyBlueFloorScale-5-Year-Warranty PS-IN202-back+bottom

    PS-10KF Series 10,000x1lb…

    Prime Scales

    $840.00 - $3,000.00
    PS-10KF Series 10,000x1lb Floor Scale / Pallet Scale with Smart Scale Ready Indicator PS-10KF Series 10,000x1lb Floor Scale / Pallet Scale with Smart Scale Ready Indicator by Prime Scales is the ultimate solution for your industrial weighing needs...
    $840.00 - $3,000.00
  • PS-C60KD

    PS-C60KDN Dual Counting S…

    Prime Scales

    PS-C60KDN is a high resolution counting scale with dual channel counting. It also has connection with printer or computer through RS-232 port. Features: 60,000 external resolutions Removable stainless steel weighing pan and durable ABS plastic...
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  • PS-10KF+PS-C60KDN (Real Size) 10,000x1lb Floor Scale with PS-C60KDN Dual Counting Scale Package

    10,000x1lb Floor Scale wi…

    Prime Scales

    When you have a whole pallet small items to count, the dual counting scale package is the best solution. Here’s how it works: We calibrate the dual counting scale with the floor scale so both scales are integrated in a single system. You can place...
  • NTEPFloorScaleCleanBG PS-IN202

    Certified Scale CS2010 He…

    Prime Scales

    $399.99 - $1,900.00
    The Certified Scale CS2010 is NTEP approved. Legal for trade, this professional grade floor scale is ideal for industrial or shipping use. It is highly accurate, heavy duty, and capable of handling up to 1000 - 10000 pound loads. Great features include...
    $399.99 - $1,900.00
  • PitFrameWithForkliftChannels

    Steel Frame For Floor Sca…

    Prime Scales

    $400.00 - $900.00
    Steel channel-design fit frame to fit Prime Scales floor scales. It has variety of sizes and optional forklift channels and indicator poles.  It features forklift channels for portable usage. It also comes with a detachable 6 Ft indicator pole for...
    $400.00 - $900.00
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  • ramp2

    Steel Ramp for Floor Scal…

    Prime Scales

    $400.00 - $550.00
    Prime Scales: Your Premier Source for Superior Quality Scales At Prime Scales, we offer precision and quality in the world of industrial weighing solutions. As a highly reputed provider of top-tier scales, we bring you an array of products that...
    $400.00 - $550.00
  • PS-WS30K

    Zenith Large Platform Mul…


    Prime Scales: Your Destination for Premium Quality Scales Prime Scales is the leading provider of premium quality scales designed to meet a diverse array of weighing needs. Our reputation is built on a relentless pursuit of precision, a meticulous focus...
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  • Zenith Large Platform Precision Counting Scale PS-C30KN-keypad

    Zenith Large Platform Pre…


    If you need a basic counting scale with great performance and durability, this model is ideal for your application. Features • 30,000 external resolutions • Removable stainless steel weighing pan and durable ABS plastic housing with protective...
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Industrial Scales

Prime Scales is your next go-to source to buy industrial weighing scales. We offer a whole range of valuable industrial scales that can be used for various purposes. Whether you need a scale for the chemical manufacturing industry or transportation industry, we have everything for everyone. 

Prime Scales aims to help its customers achieve their weight-measuring goals. We can provide you with reliable weighing equipment. So, if you want to upgrade your traditional weight measuring scales, you are at the right place. 

Industrial measuring scales are helpful equipment that measures various items used in industrial sectors. They can be used in various industrial processes including production, manufacturing, logistics, etc. 

These highly durable scales are designed to resist heavy loads of all kinds. Moreover, these scales are available in a wide range such as floor scales, bench scales, crane scales, and many more. 


Prime Scales provide a diverse span of these scales that support reliable and accurate measurements. Here are some common types of industrial measuring scales available on our website. 

Bench Scales

Our compact and portable bench scales are extremely valuable for measuring small items like parcels or packages.

Counting Scales

Prime Scales offer advanced-quality counting scales. They are extremely beneficial for applications like stocktaking and inventory management. 

Crane Scales

We also support crane scales that are built to resist extreme weather conditions. These high-quality scales provide the most accurate readings even in jarring environments. 

Floor Scales

Floor scales are ideally designed for measuring heavy loads like pallets and drums. We have various floor scales that can meet your unique requirements. 

Truck Scales

Truck scales can easily handle large vehicles like trucks or trailers. They are available in different configurations such as pit mount and surface mount. 

Uses Of Industrial Scales

Industrial measurement scales have applications in various fields. They have a crucial role in ensuring precise and efficient measurements. Here are some valuable uses of these scales in different fields:

It is used in the field of food processing to measure ingredients, portions and finished products. 

They are also widely used in chemical manufacturing to weigh raw materials and mixtures. 

Industrial weighing scales are also valuable in measuring transportation equipment. 

These amazing scales also serve a quite useful role in the construction industry for measuring sand, gravel and cement. 

You can utilise these scales in healthcare fields to measure the weight of patients or medical equipment. 

Industrial scale also results in a valuable tool in agriculture fields. They allow you to weigh various fertilisers or seeds to ensure better crop yields. 

As accurate and precise measurements are extremely important in these fields, these scales serve a pretty beneficial role. 


We guarantee you to provide the best industrial weighing scales at Prime Scales. Our scales are designed to meet the highest industry standards. Moreover, we offer the most durable and accurate scales at competitive prices.

Our customer care services ensure that our customers get the most long-lasting equipment. Contact us today and learn more about our amazing products and efficient services. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of industrial scales do you offer?

We offer a diverse range of industrial scales, including Automatic System, Bench Scales, Counting Scales, Crane Scales, Drum Scales, Floor Scales, Pallet Scales, Postal/Shipping Scales, Stretch Wrap Machine, Truck Scales, Weight Scales, and Wireless Scales.

What are the price ranges for industrial scales?

Our industrial scales are available in various price ranges, starting from $300.00 and going up to $30,000.00. Customers can choose based on their budget and requirements.

Can you provide information about the popular brands available on your website?

We offer products from reputable brands such as Prime Scales, BizAutom, and Meilestone. These brands ensure quality and reliability in industrial weighing scales.

What are the benefits of choosing your industrial weighing solutions?

Choosing us ensures access to the best industrial weighing scales that meet industry standards and offer durability and accuracy. Competitive prices and efficient customer care services further enhance the overall customer experience.

How does your brand go beyond traditional weighing solutions for its customers?

Our brand goes beyond traditional weighing solutions by providing accurate readings and addressing the post-weighing process. This includes data processing options, allowing customers to save, use, or control data as per their specific needs.

In which fields can industrial measurement scales find valuable applications?

Our scales are versatile tools used in various fields. They are employed in food processing, chemical manufacturing, transportation, construction, healthcare, and agriculture. The precision of these scales ensures accurate measurements in diverse settings.

What role do industrial weighing scales play in the healthcare field?

Our industrial weighing scales are valuable in healthcare for measuring the weight of patients or medical equipment. This data is crucial for medical professionals to monitor and manage patient health effectively.

How can I initiate a product return if needed?

If you need to initiate a product return, please reach out to our customer care team. They will guide you through the return process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. 

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we provide free shipping for selected products within the USA. Check our website or contact our customer support to inquire about specific items eligible for free shipping and to learn more about our shipping policies.

How can I stay informed about new product releases or updates?

Stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter or checking our blog regularly. We provide updates on new product releases, industry insights, and other relevant information to keep our customers informed and engaged.