Introduction of Big Data Scale

Introduction of Big Data Scale

What is Big Data Scale? What can it do for your business? There are lots of useful data generated along with your business operation. These data are usually wasted if they are not recorded. If you record the data and save them you can use them to improve your business and make important decisions.

For example, we have installed a scale for a customer in quality control.  They use the scale to check if the boxes contain everything part the customers have ordered.  Further more we added an automatic recording function to the system so it can record the date, time, batch #, line #, weight, under, pass or over etc automatically.  With such information the customer is able to track where the operation errors are from so he can take actions to improve.

Big Data to business is DNA to human. Knowing your Big Data and improving your business can make you much more competitive than your competitors. This floor with Big Data function can record every load you put on the scale. We can also customize the way you like to record with very low fee.

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31st May 2017

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