Palm Viewer Android Application

Palm Viewer Android Application

Imagine how cool is this: you take out your smartphone, open the Palm Viewer Application, click "connect" then the weight information is right on your smartphone.  You can add, subtract etc. right at your fingertips.

It is not just cool - it can save you a lot of time and money too.  We first implemented this item on our axle truck scales.  The trucks need to stop on the scale 3 times (on each axle) then add up all 3 readings to calculate a total weight of the truck.  Usually, this is a two-man job.  One on the truck driving and the other one standing beside the scale indicator to instruct the driver when to go, when to stop.  Then to press the buttons on the indicator to add up the weight or using a calculator to do this job.

Although the Palm Viewer application cannot drive the truck for you, it does remove the need of having another person assisting the driver getting the total weight.  The driver can take out his smartphone and watch the reading changing.  When it is stable, stop the truck then hit the Add button.  Then move on and repeat twice.  The entire weighing procedure only takes 20 seconds to complete.

The Palm Viewer can be used in different applications and industries.

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Palm Viewer Android Application

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31st May 2017

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