Pi – Universal Add-on Scale Fitting Most Stretch Wrap Machine

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500.00 LBS
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Our one of a kind made in U.S.A. PS-PI integrated weighing system was designed to be added to any existing stretch wrap machine turning it into a scale without cutting, drilling, bolting and most importantly not affecting the warranty to any previously owned machine. With it’s integrated and sleek design you will never even know it’s there. Stretch wrap machines can save you time and money, stretch wrap machine with built in scales can save you even more time and money but what if you already own a stretch wrap machine that does not have a scale? Well that ‘s where our PS-PI comes into play. With it’s easy installation you can turn any stretch wrap machine into a scale saving you 50% time and money. It comes with A PS-IN202 indicator that has a powerful magnet so that it can be mounted almost anywhere. A wireless Indicator that reaches up to 300 feet is optional so you can mount to a forklift, racks or even set up in the office. PI scale is semi-customized at a fixed price $1800 including shipping.  After you place the order, we will send you a form to fill in details of your machine.  Then we will build it and ship to your location.  We will provide an instruction manual even though the installation is so easy that only takes you 15 -20 minutes to finish. P.S. Pi Scale is US patent pending (Utility).  Our designer / innovator Edward Pan finalized the design of this scale on 3/14/16, which is the approx value of Pi (a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter) 3.1416.  The design of the scale looks like the Pi as well.  So we named the scale Pi. After purchase we may need dimensions and other details of your machine so we can build the Pi scale fitting your machine flawlessly. FREE Ground Shipping to US 48 Continental States (commercial addresses only).  Please use coupon FREESHIPPING48 during check out.  Free Shipping is NOT available for wholesale / distributors.
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