Prime Scale PS-313-TM Load cell Conversion kit weigh module for Scale Tank, Hoppers ( Double Ended Beam )

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PS-313 -TM
0.00 LBS
$4,500.00 - $19,305.00
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Discover Prime Scale's Double-Ended Beam Load Cell Conversion Kits, designed to transform tanks, hoppers, vessels, machinery, mixers, and more into efficient scale units.

With these kits, load cells are expertly mounted to the feet or underside of your platform. Included in this comprehensive package are a Stainless Steel Indicator, charger, connection cable, and a robust Stainless Steel junction box featuring a 4-channel summing card.

Each package is configured to offer a total weight capacity, ensuring the utmost precision. Our recommended practice is to select a capacity approximately 40% higher than your anticipated load. This strategic approach prevents load cells from experiencing undue stress due to excessive weight.

Key Features:

- Double-Ended (Plated Alloy Steel) Load Cell: Engineered with stabilizer mounts, this load cell ensures accurate and reliable measurements.
- Stainless Steel LCD or LED Indicator: Benefit from a high-quality Stainless Steel indicator, providing clear and intuitive readings.
- Stainless Steel Junction Box (4 Channel): The package includes a durable junction box equipped with a 4-channel summing card for streamlined data collection.
- IP67 Alloy Steel Mounts: Ensuring resilience in challenging environments, the IP67 Alloy Steel mounts enhance durability and performance.
- Limited Warranty: Our commitment to quality is backed by a 2-year limited warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance.

Experience seamless integration and optimal performance with Prime Scale's Double-Ended Beam Load Cell Conversion Kits. By effortlessly converting various equipment into scale units, you unlock enhanced efficiency and precision across a diverse range of applications. Trust in our package to provide reliable and accurate results while enjoying the benefits of top-tier components and design.

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