Prime Scale PS-926 Hanging Scale (S-Type) used for tension & compression!

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3.00 LBS
$270.00 - $540.00
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Indicator Highlights:

Discover the exceptional PS-7516 indicator, thoughtfully designed with your needs in mind. With a choice of LED or LCD display, this indicator stands tall with a 1-inch backlit screen, ensuring visibility even in dim environments.

Powerful Performance:

- Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, offering up to 100 hours of continuous use, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
- Sturdy Plastic Casing: The indicator features a durable plastic casing that provides reliable protection in various settings.
- AC Adapter Included: Our package includes an AC adapter for versatile power options to suit your preferences.
- Weighing Units Flexibility: Easily toggle between lb and kg units, enhancing versatility for different applications.
- Essential Functions: Enjoy key functions such as Gross, Tare, and Zero for accurate and convenient weighing.
- Hold Functions: Multiple Hold functions provide the option to lock weight readings for easy recording.
- Overload/Underload Alarm: Enhance safety with built-in alarms that alert you to potential overload or underload conditions.
- Splash-Proof Design: Crafted to resist splashes and moisture, the indicator is well-suited for demanding environments.
- Seamless Connectivity: Connect to remote displays and printers with ease using the Full Duplex RS-232 Serial Port.

Load Cell Details:

- Versatile Weighing: Ideal for various applications, the load cell offers general weighing capabilities.
- Selectable Units: Conveniently switch between lb and kg units to suit your specific requirements.
- Indicator Inclusion: Each package includes the SL-7516 LED or LCD indicator complete with a rechargeable battery.
- Standard Indicator Functions: Benefit from Tare, Print, and Peak Hold functions included with the indicator.
- Extended Cable Length: A generous 19' load cell cable is provided, with longer cable options available for greater flexibility.
- Complete Package: Eyebolts are thoughtfully included, enhancing ease of installation and setup.
- Upgrade Option: Elevate your setup with an NEMA 4 stainless steel indicator for washdown applications, ensuring durability and performance.
- Seamless Connectivity: The RS232 port facilitates easy connection to printers or computers, streamlining data management.

Experience precision, versatility, and reliability with our PS-7516 indicator and load cell. Designed to cater to your weighing needs, this powerful combination brings efficiency and accuracy to a wide range of applications.

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