Prime Scale PS-930-5’x30" ( 60” x 30” ) Cage system Portable Livestock Animal Weighing Scale

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345.00 LBS
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Discover Prime Scale's advanced Cattle Scales, engineered to provide unparalleled accuracy for all your weighing needs. Our thoughtfully designed scale base features a diamond plate surface, ensuring stability for the animals during the weighing process. Meanwhile, the indicator is equipped with pre-programmed fast capture weighing functions, optimizing timing for efficient measurements.

Our livestock scales are versatile and can be used to weigh hogs, sheep, cattle, or horses while keeping them comfortably in the cage. Sturdily constructed, these scales come with all the essential accessories, including the indicator, connection cable, casters, and cage.

Standard Features:

  1. Platform Size: 5’ x 30" (60” x 30”)
  2. Capacity: 2000 lbs
  3. Accuracy: .5 lb
  4. Ideal for weighing hogs, sheep, calves, goats, pigs & more!
  5. Swivel Casters for Easy Mobility: Easily move the scale to different locations with the provided swivel casters.
  6. Hand Wrench for Raising and Lowering: The scale comes equipped with a hand wrench for effortless adjustments.
  7. Removable Casters: When needed, the casters can be conveniently removed for stationary use.
  8. Braking Feature: Two casters have a braking feature to ensure the scale remains stable during weighing.
  9. NEMA 4X/IP67 Watertight Stainless Steel LCD Indicator: The scale base includes a high-quality indicator designed for durability and water resistance.
  10. Accumulation Mode: The indicator features an accumulation mode to totalize weights for efficient data tracking.
  11. Built-in RS232 Communication Port: Easily connect the scale to other devices for seamless data transfer.
  12. Factory Calibrated: The scale comes factory calibrated, minimizing setup time and ensuring accurate measurements.
  13. Overload Protection: The scale is equipped with overload protection, safeguarding against potential damage.
  14. Warranty: We offer a generous 5-year warranty on parts, providing peace of mind and confidence in the scale's reliability.
  15. Shipping Weight: 343 lbs
  16. Shipping Dimensions: 72" x 44" x 15"

Embrace Prime Scale's Cattle Scales, where precision meets durability, and streamline your weighing processes with confidence. Whether it's for agricultural, livestock, or industrial applications, our scales deliver consistent and reliable results every time.

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