Smart Count Bluetooth / RFID Speedy Counting System

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The whole new Prime Smart Count Scale can save you 90% of your time in counting. Just place the container of items on the scale and scan the tag with your cell phone or tablet – you get the count in less than 2 seconds! You can save the count on your cell phone and email or print the count results any time when you are ready. The Smart Count solution can be used on any Prime Scales product with PS-IN202 indicators.  This particular listing includes a PS-B130 tabletop scale base. How does it work?  Why it can save time in counting? All the counting scales are based on this formula: Total Weight / Unit Weight = Count  It is a very practical and popular way in counting.  

However most of the time the Unit Weight is unknown so users have to count by hand then place the items on the scale so the scale can learn the Unit Weight.  This procedure is called “sampling” and it usually takes 2 minutes to complete.  With basic counting scales users have to sample every time before counting.  With some advanced counting scales users can store the Unit Weight in the scale and call it out by pressing the code before counting.  All the above methods take more than enough time to pull out the Unit Weight.  If you have 10,000 SKUs to count, and each count takes 2 minutes, you will have to spend more than 300 hours in straight counting.  If each hour costs $10 of the labor, you will spend $3000 in the whole count every time (this cost doesn’t include break time or lunch time). The Smart Count scale can save unlimited SKU / Unit Weight into an Android device (it could be a tablet or even your Android Smart Phone) and pull out the Unit Weight by scanning the RFID card accordingly.  

The device can also store the tare weight of the container so counting is just placing the item on the scale and two scans, which will only take 2 seconds to complete.  The count results can be saved in a CSV file which can be opened on the device to transferred to a computer and opened by Microsoft Excel.  Let’s say you use the Smart Scale to count your 10,000 SKUs: it will only take 5-6 hours to count which includes the time fetching the item and even break or lunch time of the worker.  Your counting cost is lowered to $60.  So you can save $2940 in one inventory count. The more SKU you have, the more time / money you can save in count. Inventory control is important to your business.  You need accurate inventory so take the advantage of this Smart Count Scale. This money-saving equipment only costs you $2000 delivered to your door.  By the end of 2017 we will include our new “Work Force 1” military grade tablet in your package, while supply lasts. U.S. Patent Pending








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