Hercules NTEP Truck Scale Legal For Trade with Indicator

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60 to 90 day lead time for Fabrication
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  • Hercules NTEP Truck Scale
  • Hercules NTEP Truck Scale
  • Hercules NTEP Truck Scale
  • PS-SBD
  • Epson TM-U295
  • Hercules NTEP Truck Scale Legal For Trade with Indicator
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Prime Scales has been manufacturing truck scales for 20 different scale brands in 10 different countries with annual output of 400 truck scales.  Hercules series was designed for Northern America and Southern America market and it was NTEP approved (CC# 13-122).  

Hercules truck scale is the first scale using patented cross beam load cells.  Equipped with Pennsylvania 7600E NTEP indicator (CC# 97-009A3), Hercules truck scale provides great performance and reliability. Enjoy the benefit of manufacturing globalization.  Led by Boeing, General Motors, Samsung etc., Prime Scales is one of the leading multi-national companies in the scale industry.  We have sales office, manufacturing and service teams in USA, Europe, China and other countries.   We optimize our truck scales by using the best components manufactured in our locations in different countries: Load cells: South Ocean is our load cell manufacturing center located in Hangzhou, China.  It is a top ten true manufacturer in the world.  90% of the load cell manufacturing was moved to China in 20th century.  South Ocean invested 300 million US dollars in the most advanced machinery in the world.  Its annual output is $100 million in US dollar value exporting to all over the world.  The factory is ISO and VCAP approved making top line quality load cells at great low prices.  The low prices are not result from cheap labor, but from large-scale manufacturing. 

Here’s the introduction of South Ocean: http://southoceansensor.com/about-us.html We choose South Ocean patented cross-beam load cells for our truck scales.  It is a high performance load cell with advantages over traditional double-ended load cells:  durable, self-balance, easy installation (replacing), maintenance-free, low profile etc. 

Here’s the introduction of this NTEP approved cross beam load cell: http://southoceansensor.com/new-model-of-cross-beam-sensor-and-triple-ball-module.html

Indicator: The indicator is manufactured in our USA plant.  As dealer of different brands, we offer wide range of selections of indicators to meet your needs.

Weigh Bridge: The weigh bridge modules are manufactured in our main manufacturing plant located in Suzhou, China and assembled in our USA plant.  Our Suzhou manufacturing center is equipped with the most advanced robotic fabricating facilities.  It exports 400 full size truck scales every year.  The scales for US market is specially designed for America and they are NTEP approved (legal for trade).  Again customers can save lots of money thanks to the large-scale manufacturing. 

Our US facility fabricates the parts specially ordered by the customers.

One of our installed full size scale (10×70):

For more information, Pricing or to get a quote please call 909-318-1198 Ext 1001 or visit our Sister site www.scaledepot.com

We have Three service teams located in California, Texas and Florida.  


  • Sturdy bridge can hold 240 000lb maximum load with 40 ton CLC
  • Ultra low profile for better stability: from the top of the foundation pier to the top of the scale deck is 12″
  • Easy installation and maintenance.  All the load cells are top-accessable
  • Side rails are standard – included in this package
  • Patented GF-11 cross beam load cells (CC# 12-046A1)
  • All load cell cables are protected by conduit.
  • Four-direction bump bolts included

*60-90 Day Lead time for Fabrication

*Our price includes NTEP Approved Hercules Truck Scale, Digital indicator, Free Shipping, Installation and Calibration for California Customers. All other US States please contact our offices 909-318-1198 EXT 1001 for shipping, and installation Quote.

Foundation or pit required for the scale installation and is not included in price .A Crane supplied by the buyer is required to unload scale and install. *DON'T SEE THE SIZE YOU NEED? NO PROBLEM WE HAVE MANY MORE SIZES IN STOCK THAN THE SIZES LISTED. WE ALSO DO CUSTOMIZED SCALES PLEASE CALL US FOR MORE INFO. 909-318-1198 EXT 1001


For more information, Pricing or to get a quote please call 909-318-1198 Ext 1001 or visit our Sister site www.scaledepot.com





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