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10,000.00 LBS
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Our Hercules Series is most definitely one of its kind. It features durable structures and smart functions.

Manufactured with a heavy duty weigh bridge and specially designed cross beam loads cells, this scale can weigh up to 20,000 lbs, 300 loads per day for 20 years and not get fatigued. With us being one of the worlds leading scale and load cell manufacture, we use our world patented cross beam load cells – (GF-11) for the Hercules Series. Comparing to the traditional double ended beams, the cross beam design has a much sturdier frame, 8 strain gauges (double the quantity of most manufactures) which help prevent side loading and get results closer to perfection. The GF-11 (Cross Beam Load Cells) has been certified by NTEP with 10,000 divisions, making them easy to install and service friendly.

The smart instrument allows for a range of operational scenarios all in one setup, from weigh-in/weigh-out to stored truck ids. The dedicated Truck ID button and Print button simplify the operator interface. Additionally the alpha-numeric keypad allows for easy entry of tare weight and Truck IDs. With 250 Truck IDs available it is suitable for applications with truck fleets of up to 250.

The following operational scenarios can all be handled on the one setup:

  • Print the weight of the truck on the scale
  • Weigh a truck in a single pass using its tare weight
  • Weigh a known truck with a stored Truck ID and preset tare and accumulate the statistics on that truck ID.
  • Two pass weighing with a weigh in followed by a weigh out. The ticket will show time/date weigh-in, weigh-out and net weights.
  • Automatic temporary Truck ID to simplify weigh-in/weigh-out for fast weighing throughput. The temporary Truck ID is removed once the weigh-out is complete.

Production + Shipping Lead Time: 60 days

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