PS-915-BW NTEP Legal for trade Bench Scale with Wheels and Backrail

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50.00 LBS
$570.00 - $934.00
Frequently bought together:


Presenting the outstanding features of our Indicator:

  1. PS-7510 NTEP Indicator: Equipped with a clear and bright LED or LCD display, ensuring easy readability.

  2. 1" Tall Backlit Display: The display is 1" tall and backlit, providing enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions.

  3. Optional Rechargeable Battery: Enjoy the convenience of an optional rechargeable battery with up to 100 hours of runtime.

  4. Durable Metal Casing: Housed in a robust metal casing, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection.

  5. AC Adapter Included: The package includes an AC adapter for an alternative power source.

  6. Multiple Weighing Units: Provides flexibility with multiple weighing units, including lb/kg/g/oz/lb:oz, catering to diverse measurement needs.

  7. Comprehensive Functions: Offers Gross/Tare/Pre-Set Tare/Zero functions, as well as Multiple Hold functions, Count weighing, and Accumulation weighing.

  8. Overload/Underload Alarm: Features built-in alarms to alert users of potential overload or underload conditions for safety and accuracy.

  9. Splash-Proof Design: Designed with a splash-proof keyboard and display, protecting the indicator from accidental spills.

  10. Connectivity Options: The indicator easily connects to a remote display and printer, facilitating data management and printing tasks.

  11. NTEP Approved: Approved for 5,000 divisions, ensuring accuracy and compliance with industry standards.

  12. High Resolution: Displays up to 50,000 graduations, providing precise readings for various weighing applications.

  13. Full Duplex RS-232 Serial Port: Equipped with a Full Duplex RS-232 Serial Port, enabling seamless communication with other devices.

  14. Outdoor Use Option: For outdoor applications, a stainless steel indicator is available upon request, ensuring reliable performance in various environments.

Now, discover the exceptional features of our Scale Base:

  1. Designed for Speed and Accuracy: The scale base boasts an extremely heavy-duty platform with built-in back rails and wheels, ensuring speed and accuracy in weighing operations.

  2. Ideal for Various Applications: Ideal for busy shipping docks, outdoor markets, manufacturers, food processing, and other bulk sales, catering to diverse weighing needs.

  3. High Resolution with Overload Protection: Provides high resolution with built-in overload protection, safeguarding against potential damage.

  4. Customizable Feet Options: Some sizes of the scale base can have wheels replaced with level feet, adapting to specific preferences.

  5. Standard Package Includes: The scale base package comes with Platform, Shroud, Indicator (Legal for Trade), Load Cells, Column, Wheels, and Hardware, ensuring a comprehensive setup.

  6. US Legal For Trade Certified: The scale base is US Legal For Trade CC # 22-026 certified, meeting legal requirements for commercial use.

  7. Factory Calibrated with Warranty: Comes factory calibrated for immediate use, with a 2-year warranty on parts, ensuring lasting reliability.


  • Pan/Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Accuracy Class (SL-7510): 5000 e
  • Resolution: Display 30,000; ADC 2,000,000
  • Zero Stability Error: TK0 < 0.1 µV//K
  • Span Stability Error: TKspn < ±6 ppm//K
  • Internal Sensitivity: 0.3 µV/d
  • Input Voltage: -30 ~ 30mV DC
  • Excitation Circuit: 5 VDC, 4-wire connection (+Exec, -Exec, +Sig, -Sig); Maximum 6 x 350Ω load cells
  • Power: AC100~250V; Rechargeable battery optional
  • Temperature/Humidity: -10℃ ~ +40℃; ≤90%RH
  • Storage Temperature: -40℃ ~ +70℃

Embrace the precision, durability, and versatility of our Indicator and Scale Base combination, designed to excel in various industrial weighing applications. Trust in Prime Scale for premium-grade weighing solutions and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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